product specification

Cladding material

Cladding is a material used to cover the outside surface; if you think of a protective coating on something, that is cladding.

Cladding combines aluminium with polyethene or plastic with multiple composite layers of aluminium, including polyethene filler. It is used in cladding shopping destinations and cladding for buildings’ facades. Alumetal kitchen cladding is used as a shutter filling in shapes.

Cladding is two excluded aluminium sheets separated by an insulated layer of low-density plastic.

Features of cladding panels for destinations

Cladding panels made of aluminium foil and polyethene sheets, in colours and shapes, works on thermal insulation in building destinations.
Various colours and countless shapes with overlapping colours and innovative graphics characterize the cladding.
Water and rain resistant.
Smooth surface and is easy to clean with water.
Easy to cut and shape in manual manufacturing and reshaping methods.
Flexible that accepts bending, twisting, and making rotations and swings.
Foil-coated on both sides helps protect against scratches and damage.
Covered with a layer of plastic on the surface of the cladding to prevent damage to the coloured surface during storage, transportation and installation.
The first is in terms of economics or cost. It is also distinguished in price competition with other alternative types or products.
Modern designs with high splendour of quality and creativity.
The cladding panels are characterized by ease of formation or flexibility of manufacturing in terms of curving the cladding to work such as a circle, arcades or other shapes, in addition to the superior strength and durability.

Which paves the way for innovative designs for architects and designers in cladding destinations with innovative and distinct forms.

Other uses of the cladding include providing privacy and security, preventing sound transmission, providing thermal insulation and preventing the spread of fire, and it also has an inner layer that provides thermal insulation, prevents air leakage and wind tolerance, and works to facilitate and flexibility winding the kiladine

Cladding ingredients

Cladding is a lightweight sheet consisting of layers of aluminium foil and layers of thin strips on both sides, between which is a layer of polyethene.